Here is a little unfinished business from the 15th anniversary of 9-11. After I post this, I will include some Juice notes. Primetime

And in the Naked City, 

on a day when three 

thousand stories 

came to a violent end, 

When the third watch 

roared to the Towers 

and went in where others 

fled, doing their job of 

saving lives, where some 

never came out. 

Some gave all after 

kissing little Harvey 

goodbye for the last time. 

Now we all weep and salute 

with the words of paper heroes 

for very real ones. 

Along with those in 

the Naked City, 

Everybody loves ya, baby 

You done good.   

This is one of three poems which were inspired by the tragic events of 9-11-2001. This particular piece was a tribute to the emergency workers of New York and was inspired inspired bired by the taglines from three television crime dramas set in the Big Apple. was a classic series in the late 1950s and erly 1960s. inspired by a movie, which in turn was based on a book by the famed new photographer WeeGee, each episode  oif Naked City ended with "There are eight million stories in the Naked City--and this has been one of them." Eight million people=eight million stories. Three thousand people were lost in the Twin Towers and thus came to a violent end. Kojak, of course, was one of the best-known "cop shows" in the cop glut that was TV in the 1970s and Telly Savalas' "Who loves ya, Baby?' was a national catch phrase. After 9-11, who didn't love the first responders? Eischeid was one of those great shows that nobody watched, lasting only 13 weeks in the fall of 1979. Joe Don Baker played a good old boy chief of detectives in the series, 

At one point in the proceedings, usually when the bad guys were put away, chief Eischeid would thank his subordinates with the trade phrase “You done good.” Two other programs were alluded to in this work; Third Watch (which also dealt with firefighters and EMTs) and Cagney and Lacey (“kissed their little Harveys goodbye”). I think Tyne Daly played the married officer in that series (Lacey) and her husband’s name was Harvey, so here might have been a Harvey Jr. involved.

Please forgive my indulgence. I hope this wasn’t offensive to anybody. The vast majority of us will only see New York from a movie or TV screen and this was just part of that.


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