The following is partly in honor of the late Arnold Palmer. There is a small mention of him near the end. A lost portrait of the Old Sod

Tucked away near an elite locker room 

Hung an artist's rendition of the 

birthplace of the links. 

An ancient castle, imposing and dreadful, 

like any other medieval fortress. 

but this was the cradle of gawf. 

There once was a charred mural 

of the fortress and those who 

lifted the Auld Mug. 

Old Willie, Young Willie, 

Old Tom, Young Tom. 

plumed nobles from Colonial days. 

The Liege Lords, the Loyal Subjects 

who claimed the Claret Jug and those 

who came, who saw and conquered, 

taking it back to the Colonies. 

Player and Jacklin, 

Middlecoff and Nelson, 

Hagen and Jones. 

Slammin' Sammy took the Auld Mug, 

but wasn't impressed with The Open. 

Futebol and gawf hampered defense, 

but couldn't hold back these invaders, 

royal linksters storming the royal palace. 

The Golden Bear and Lively Lee. 

win the Open back-to-back? 

This looks like a job for Super Mex. 

"A" is for Arnie, 

leading his Army, 

across the little bridge 

at St. Andrews. 

Hosting cowboys, 

kings, stars and 

even a Rappite. 

But the pictures are gone, 

one of how many? 

Burned to the ground with 

the hideaway of a small town's elite. 

The hideaway came back. 

Bigger and better? 

Except for some things.  

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