Two rookies on the field

OK listen up. Number 14,
this will be your first game.
You’re new here, right?
You’re batting fifth in today’s second game.
We might put you in at shortstop
for Tinker late in the opener, though.
You’ll be spelling Chance in the nightcap,
so you’d better bring your best game.
Like your attitude by the way,
like the way you treat the other guys.
Picked that up from Kiner, huh?

Hey number six!
You’ll be with the Tribe today,
The Sox tomorrow, left field today.
Kind of surprised you’re here.
Thought you might still be playing.
The Pale Hose will have Shoeless Joe in today,
so you’ll spell Averill. Go get limbered up.
It’s almost time to burst through the corn stalks
and be ready to play ball.

Ernie and Minnie, welcome to the Field,
they’ve built it, you’ve come, it will be tough.
Red’s come up from Cascade and
Minnie will be facing Three-Finger.

The Cubs and the Sox
in the Series tomorrow,
After they play two today.

 A little unfinished business from yesterday, I hope I can do this, but I’m not too worried. After all, the White Sox aren’t in the series this year.

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