Memories of a Christmas in July

The dignified gentleman


with the fatherly growl


was everybody’s uncle.




He saw us through conflicts


and shared our weariness with one.


He saw us through storms


both human and natual


in stern but comforting tones.




He blinked back tears


as the news from Dallas


made us weep.




Oh, but there was that summer day


in the Florida sun,


when he seemed infected with the fever


that gives little boys insomnia on Dec. 24




As the great colossus prepared


to rip away from earth,


taking men to the moon,


as the countdown approached liftoff,


The Voice of Authority became part little boy,


marveling hat a wish was coming true .




“Oh boy!”


In the great voice’s body,


an awestruck youngster thrilled at


the great adventure about to unfold.




Did a part of him go into the stars


and land with the Eagle?


And that’s the way it was.


Walter Cronkite was born 100 years ago today. This tribute focuses on his reaction to the first manned landing on the moon in 1969, which he took a keen interest in.



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