I have to say this. Sorry.

I really don’t like discussing politics in an open forum since what I say doesn’t always sit right with some people (that’s politics), but I’m afraid I have to.

I’ve soured on politics over the last 35 years, ever since it became mostly the Bosses against the Brownshirts. They had a special election for State Comprtoller this year and both candidates seemed to be capable women who had some very entertaining TV spots, but it was a proxy fight between two of the ugliest characters in recent state history  and the personifications of what has turned my off about politics: state House Speaker Mike Madigan (the Bosses) and Gov. Bruce Rauner (the Brownshirts).

I would also like to thank the Democratitc Party for participating in this year’s Presidental election. Please pick up your lovely parting gifts on the way out and we’ll see you on Nov. 6, 2018, when you come back to redeem the vouchers.

Now can we please talk about the Cubs and the Cardinals? They make much more sense.






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