I m in a McDonald devotional guide

I have had a devotional selected for a young people’s guide published by the George McDonald Society. Here is some information on it. I will have more later.

Good evening all,
Amazon put out a Kindle version of the devotional that is ALL messed up, so please ignore it; when the Kindle people show up Monday morning, we’re having them take it down. The combination of text and images on every page of the devotional makes it very difficult for Kindle to create a good e-book version, and I cannot estimate when an acceptable Kindle version will be available.
Therefore, as far as Christmas is concerned, the paperback is the available product. I encourage you to post links on your Facebook page–and whichever FB pages you frequent–to the Works of George MacDonald Bookstore http://www.worksofmacdonald.com/products/, where the book is available for $9.95 plus shipping. In addition to being a lower posted price than Amazon’s $14.95, it will avoid any confusion if Amazon still hasn’t taken down the Kindle version!
Thanks very much,

Jess Lederman

eAmanuensis to Onesimus
(907) 414-5385

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