Mr. C. passed away

Mr. C passed away the other day.


Oh, he had a real family and a real name


and real friends, but everyone knew him,


even the nerds, as “Mr. C”  each week


in Milwaukee , circa the 1950s.




Like everyone of the


gray and flickering images


of different lives that became


home movies of those no longer here.




Some lived lives close to those


we might live, though highly idealized.


Some in strange and exotic places,


safely dangerous, surreal places.




Some were jiggling “angels”,


empowering little sister,


while distracting dad and big brother.


some we actually, oddly fell in love with.




Mandy Peoples?


She was a doll,


but she’d have to get in line


even if she did get to pet Cleo.


Oh well, she’s cruising with Perry White now.




And Peggy’s gone.


No! Not Peggy!


Sorry it’s so, Joe.


At least she won’t get


kidnapped anymore.




Some made us laugh,


some laughed with us,


these bumbling crime-fighters


and shipwrecked beatniks.




I was in Brooklyn Heights one holiday night


and dropped in on the Lanes.


Patty and Richard were still together (how nice!),


Poppo and the rest were well, but where was Mrs. Lane?


Oh, sorry to hear that.




The Green Hornet (Van Williams) died last week and I hadn’t posted in a while, so here it is. I feel a little guilty, since there have been deaths a lot closer to home this year and I grieve much more over those. Sorry about this.



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