The evil piano

Why must they ferry that


wretched instrument around?


To all these sad


and tragic places?




They’re not the place


for that evil rock music.


What is it doing here? Why here?


Where the worst of man


reared its ugliest head.




Munich, Dallas, Ground Zero,


China, The death camps,


The Murrah building.




Can’t this world see?


That music like this,


men like him,


Lyrics like this,


cause these evil things?


Well, don’t they?




Or is it when faith and flag,


God and country,


Our most precious beliefs


are taken and twisted I


nto evil things themselves?




I can’t imagine anything


above us but only sky,


I’d be lost without God,


but there are times when


we look at the world…




And the piano player


who asked us


to imagine a world


without posessions,


religon or country,




When those pearls are tarnished


in their own defense.


Imagine a world without them?


I’m tempted to understand.







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