The Mad Historian’s fearless quiz answer

I am the Mad Historian and two weeks ago, I asked  a question sure to perplex, confound and make you, in all likelihood, throw up your and arms and exclaim “Who cares?” Now, after finally getting some responses to it, I will give you the answer.

The question about vintage television was:

From 1958-64, 77 Sunset Strip was a popular Warner Brothers-produced, ABC series about a cool0guy private detective agency in Los Angeles.  since this was TV, 77 Sunset Strip’s success spawned a number of spinoffs with cool-guy private eyes in exotic locales. Which one was not a spinoff:

A) Bourbon Street Beat.

B) Checkmate.

C) Hawaiian Eye.

The correct answer was B) Checkmate. Running from 1060-62, CCheckmate  had the exotic locale (San Francisco) and the cool-guy P.I.’s (Jud Sills, played by Doug McClure, and Don Corey, played by Anthony George) as the Sunset Strip clones, but it came from a different production company (Revue Studios, in conjunction with Jack Benny’s production company) and ran  on another network (CBS). Another interesting tidbit about this series was its music, which was composed by Johny Williams. who went on to shorten his name to John and compose the music for such film classics as Star Wars and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

The other two answers were the New Orleans (Bourbon Street Beat) and Honolulu (Hawaiian Eye) branch offices of 77 Sunset Strip. The later series nearly matched its parent’s longevity, going for seasons from 1959-63. One of the stars of Bourbon Street Beat was Van WIlliams., one of the all-too many notable people whom we sadly lost this year.




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