Watching old shows on YouTube

I started  watching YouTube videos of the TV shows I grew up watching (mostly) while I was still in Indiana. One night, I watched an episode of Robert Taylor’s The Detectives and after that, I started to watch a few more, mostly really old favorites (where else are you going to find those cool 195os and 1960s cars?). I’ve watched goodness knows how many Patrols (like one tonight) and I worked up a pretty good rotation before I had to chuck the cable a few years ago. I lean towards the shows that weren’t reran into the ground in Peoria, which means no Gilligan’s Island, Petticoat Junction or the original Star Trek. Of course, that also limits my choice of westerns (Have Gun, Will Travel and Wanted: Dead or Alive aren’t on cable every weekend for some strange reason). When I had cable in Lewistown, I even sandwiched them around Jepordy! (a half hour before and an hour long after), which got me to wondering: who is this Trebek guy? and whatever happened to Art Fleming? Hope I didn’t offend anybody, I just needed to get something off my chest.




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