It’s Inauguration Day

Well, The Donald is now 45 and another chapter in American history has begun, for better or worse.

I would like to wish the new President the best and hope that we can all get along at the outset of a new presidential term.  That is what we should do, as Americans. Christians should also pray for the leaders of our country, as the Bible directs them to.

So why do certain things make me feel so conflicted?

Yes, we should pray for the President and wish him the best, but I can understand why some among his opposition are not so eager to do this. For one thing, Donald Trump did not win a majority of the popular vote and he has not exactly been the most conciliatory-President-elect we’ve ever had.

Then you have previous experience with the people around him.

One of the worst places in the world to be is Inauguration Day in the pressence of highly opposition partisans, should their candidate be the loser. That’s where I was on Jan. 20, 1993. Let’s just say that these were usually nice people, but politics is the potion that makes Mr. Hyde out of all we Dr. Jekylls and Bill Clinton’s first inaugural was no exception.

I celebrated that glorious day listening to two local Republican activists and a poster girl for the Religious Right giving everyone their two cents worth. No, they weren’t conciliatory and wishing Slick Willie the best.

One talking point was the fact that “all those people voted against Clinton” Well, he did get just 43 percent of the popular vote, but he won that popular vote by five percentage points over George H.W. Bush, which means that the first President Bush was rejected by 62 percent of the people who voted in 1992. That might be misleading, since the votes taken away by Ross Perot’s first third-party bid was evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, but the vote in elections with major third-party candidates usually favors the winning candidate the next time around.

And  what were the Republican Congressional leaders doing behind closed doors on the night of Barack Obama’s first inaugural?

We don’t know how what’s going to happen over the next four years and political partisans are going to behave a certain way no matter what, so right now we need to take a deep breath and at least try to hope for the best (and I’m saying this as someone who is afraid with Trump in the White House).

Even though I also think he enters office under one of the darker clouds since Richard Nixon’s second term.




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