An urgent prayer request

Our daughter, Alisa Wartick,  has been working for several months with an organization called RefugeeOne to bring a refugee family to Chicago from a refugee camp in Turkey.  Her group has rented and furnished an apartment for them.  The family has been thoroughly vetted and have their visas.  They were expected to  arrive in Chicago on January 30.  With Trump’s proposed executive order to ban refugees, their arrival is now in question. 
Here is what we know about the family:
He is an accountant, she was a literature major. So these are not extremists. They believe that women can and should be educated. They are refugees because they were the type of people extremists like ISIS want to kill. Her parents and three siblings are living in Skokie now. Her brother and sister are both going to community college and working full time to support their family as their parents have health issues that prevent them from working right now. Their daughter is 17 months old and was born in a refugee camp in Turkey where they have lived for more than three years.
If the executive order is signed before they arrive, RefugeeOne has little hope they can come for at least four months, if ever.
Please pray for this refugee family and other legitimate refugees that are living in such dire circumstances.


Thank you, Darel & Mary Alyce Hofsess



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