It happens in threes, but does it have to happen in the same day?

Once again, the country has to stop and mourn the loss of those who came into our hones each week via radio or television, or who we visited at the theater (they also dropped in via videos).

Although Mary Tyler Moore was the first really big name to pass away, there were others (Buddy Greco the best known) and in the last 24 hours it seems, John Hurt, Barbara Hale (Della Street on Perry Mason) and Mannix (Mike Connors).

Mannix? He was one of my big favorites.

To everyone else who never missed Mannix, as well as the fans of all those others (I thought they were going to have to publish a separate volume of Deaths of Notable Persons last year), you have my condolences.

This seems appropriate:

And Peggy’s gone.


No! Not Peggy!


Sorry it’s so, Joe.


At least she won’t get


kidnapped anymore.


In this case, “Peggy” was Peggy Fair (Gail Fisher), Mannix’s secretary. A supermarket tabloid found her gravely ill and living in a Los Angeles-area nursing home at one points in the late 1990s, encouraged readers and old fans to send her cards and flowers and had Mike Connors deliver them. When she passed away in 2000, only the tabloid and a nationally syndicated political columnist (Eugene Robinson) gave it any notice.

This is all I’m going to be able to write about this tonight, but I’ll have more (with another complete poem) later. Condolences to everyone, especially those who have more directly lost loved ones so far this year.




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