One night while my sister’s family visited

This isn’t exactly what I planned on doing when I decided to start firing up the blog again, but oh well, here’s something I posted on a 50’s memories FB page yesterday. Someone posted a picture of Broderick Crawford on a video box of episodes from his Highway Patrol TV series of the 1950s and one person commented about a cameo Crawford did on CHiPS some 20 years later when he was stopped on a traffic violation and recognized by the officers on that show, Ponch and Jon (Erik Estada and Larry Wilcox). Here’s my reply.

Ponch and Jon. When my oldest nephew was six years old, my sister’s family visited my folks one weekend while CHIPS was on and he was wathcing it that Sunday night. When I came in from packing my car, I he said “We’re watching Ponch and Jon. Ponch and Jon are great.” I was so tempted to come back with “Ponch and Jon, Humph! When I was your age, we watched Chief Matthews (Broderick Crawford’s character on Highway Patrol), Now, he was great!”

So we were better off than walking three miles to a one-room schoolhouse in the snow uphill both ways? What do you want me to do about it?



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