Thoughts on coaching changes

Indiana has fird coach tom Crean after nine seasons and a mixed (sort of) record. Illinofired coach john Grose just before the NIT started. Maybe they could work out a trade. After all, Billy Packer was pretty anxious to move Crean to Champaign-Urbana the first time he got Marquette back on the map, Here’s a little something I posted on Facebook. It was about an incident which occurred in Harold’s Restaurant in Poseyville, IN, after another IU coach got the gate.

Well, IU is back to being the Cream and Crimson, not the Crean and Crimson, eh? The year Bobby Knight left Bloomington was the same year Rick WIlgus stepped down as coach at North Posey. One day I’m eating breakfast at Harold’s and Keith Weedman comes up to me, asking who I thought the next coach of the Vikings would be. I just happened to be reading the sports section of the Courier-Press, and there was a half-column head shot of The General on the page I was reading. I let my finger fall on the picture of Knight and say “well, I hear he’s looking for a job.”


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