The Chevy classics


They used to sell hot dogs,

apple pie and baseball cards

in this fine old building.


Maybe the store even

Sponsored a little league team.

Now it’s the hallowed shrine

To the All-American car.


There’s the flashy versions

Of your grandma’s cars,

Or did grandma drive

The rowdy cousin’s?


A massive panel truck

Ready to rumble on its runs,

Impalas, Bel-Airs and Biscaynes,

All the great old models.

Sting Rays? Vettes?

Oh yes!

There’s Vettes and Vettes!

So many Vettes!

All these Vettes have 66

Backed up clear to 36.


Dinah, won’t you, well

she won’t honk her horn,

She’ll throw us a kiss after singing

about seeing the USA in your Chevrolet


Or we can just hop in the

’57 convertible and head over

to Steak n Shake for a bite to eat.

In sight, it must be right.




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