The men of courage


The men of courage

who have gone before,

Have left a path for us to tread.

And though they never have won much fame,

they leave great lessons in their stead.


Though it be not for one man’s gain,

Or politically wise,

Still courage when it comes

Will lead the way to gains which

Stand the test of time.


Sometimes a President, sometimes a King,

A Senator or common man,

Must face the darkest evil men then know,

And face the evil all alone.


Tis then a virtue must arise

and courage is its name,

to send a message the right must come

and things must never be the same.


Read on my daughter,

Be inspired my son,

These tales of bravery gone by.

O learn their lessons for the time may come

When you may have to stand and fight.

But should that hour e’er arrive

And courage you must find,

Inside your soul will be the place to look,

for there this virtue must abide

(look inside, for there this virtue must abide).




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