A tale of love and a bad influence, and /or the Bride’s brother-in-law


This is the story of Craig in Michigan, who liked Jenny in Illinois.


Do you mean “like-like” or “like-you know”?

What is this? High school?

Well, Jenny was a senior at the time.

On Aug. 10, 1959, some collectors charged with looting $750,000 from bridge tolls were suspended. The Senate faced the issue of rights again, and Ike was going to make Bonn the first stop on his world tour, while in Bay City, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Don Weiland gave birth to a son named Craig.

Ah yes and when the doc slapped Craig on the you-know-what, his eyes bugged out and they’ve been that way ever since.

Didn’t I hear that somewhere before?

It’s just your imagination.

On Oct. 23, 1963, 49 died in a South Korean flood, a hurricane headed for Florida, the strafing of a U.S. ship by a MIG from Cuba was probed and half of Chicago’s pupils staged a one-day boycott of classes.

Any good news?

The Republican won a special House election North Dakota?

Not that kind!

Jenny Waibel was born in Peoria, IL.

That’s better.

As they grew, Craig and Jenny traveled on different paths. Craig’s dad was in (surprise!) construction and he was the oldest in his family. Craig was also an oddity among the Bay City Weilands.

You mean the Bay City Weilands?

Them too (this time, I corrected the typo).

Why was he an oddity?

He had a first name and a last name.

What’s so odd about that?

He’s got cousins named Blaine, Blair, Reagan.

Well, he’s also got cousins named Brad, Todd, Scott and Brace.

The last one’s part of a middle name. S. Brace R. Weiland.

S.Brace R. Weiland? What do the S. and R. stand for?

After shave.

  1. Brace R.? Skinbracer Weiland! Why you,

How’s that grab you, Bay City? The Weilands can sing, but can they do humor like this?

Fortunately not. Talk about Jenny.

Jenny’s in a big family. If Rhoda and Nook Meister wanted a small family, we’d all be calling Joyce Planned Parenthood’s Public Enemy Number One.

As it stands, she’s number two.

Did I tell you about the Waibel family pictures one and two?


Well, you see, Bill and the boys are in one picture, while Joyce and the girls are in the other.

Tell us about Jenny’s family.

Debbie and Danny are twins, Jody and Jenny are sisters, as is Jackie.

Then there are Mike, Matt and Jessie.

All football players.

Not the girls. Jenny was a cheerleader, though.

The Waibels have an unusual house. One time, I was looking at their family picture in stereo, and had to use the necessary room. Danny told me to walk in the broom closet, which I did. I shut the door, and the next thing I know, I’m standing in the middle of the bath tub. The Waibels have a big house. It’s like a plantation house. It was there before the road was. Throw open the upstairs and get a panoramic view of Sterling Avenue. Why, on a clear day, you can even see the John Bee store (in East Peoria?).

Do you want to walk in the broom closet again?

Sorry, they changed the passageways. Now if you walk in the broom closet and shut the door, you wind up in the TV room if you’re not careful.

As time went by, Jenny and Craig both started thinking about where their lives were going. Jenny’s three older brothers and sisters had repented when they were very young. Danny even gave up football and eventually gave his life to the Lord. Jenny gave her life to Jesus in 1980. Craig had been a member for a long time when that happened. After that, their lives could begin to have meaning.

Jenny, of course, went through school at Central, like her older siblings and her dad.

Was she a waffle whiffer?

A waffle whiffer?

You know. “Here comes that pesky waffle whiffer. Waffle, waffle, waffle.”

In her case, I suppose it would be “Waibel, Waibel, Waibel.”

No. “Waibel, Waibel, waibel?”

(That’s not as funny when you spell it right the first time).


Now, Craig had been down to Peoria many times with the Bay City young group and choir. He also visited his friends, the Hoerrs.

Which Hoerrs?

Why do you always ask me these questions? The John Hoerr family. You know, Julie, Joan, Jeff, Jack.



Oh, that Jack. As I was saying, the Hoerrs were pretty good friends with the Weilands. The Hoerrs are the largest family in Peoria and the Weilands are the largest family in Bay City. a lot of friends, right?

But nobody is as big as the Waibels.

Ever met Nook Meister’s family?

Let’s get back to the business at hand. By the way, you like Jenny, don’t you?

Well, isn’t that a bit of a loaded question? How do you mean “like”?

“Like’ you know, a friend, or a sister in the Lord, things like that.

But not, you know, “liiike” Jenny Waibel.

Please, we haven’t even gotten Craig to the elder yet. What do you think this is, high school?

Well, Jenny did just graduate.

So, did Craig finally meet Jenny?

Not yet. In 1978, there were a lot of weddings in the Peoria. The young group didn’t dissolve, it merged. Jenny’s three older siblings were among the couples.

Debbie married Carl Hoerr.

You mean Carlie?

That’s right. Carlie Hoerr, son of Carl Hoerr Sr.

I know that guy.

Danny married Karen.

His dad has a lot of money, so does her dad.

Well, you know what they say. “Those who have Getz.”

Jody married Jack.

Jack who?

I think it was Jack Meister.

There is no Jack Meister.

Well, then that means what I’m about to talk about was just a rumor.


Well, I didn’t know which Jack it was, but at the engagement dinner, Bill was talking to Jack on the phone and was also talking to his wife. Well, after setting the time he’d pick up Jody, Jack asked “How are we going? Tour Pontiac? Or my pickup?”

Bill crushed the receiver and said “It’s Jack! Jack!”

Jack is back.

And Jody has him.

Jack and Jody gave birth to two truck drivers, Wesley and Samuel.

Wes and Sam. Now, don’t they sound like truck drivers?

Yeah, but what’s this got to do with Craig and Jenny?

Well, Craig was spending more time in Peoria and he was a very good friend of Jack’s, so he met Jenny a lot since she was Jack’s sister-in-law.

Oh Jack, are you going off that big board?

Who brought the Rocke sisters in here?

It’s a good thing Jack and Jody got married when they did. Jack, Danny and Bill Schick each got a couch to sleep on then.


Let’s talk about Craig.

Why? Isn’t that dangerous?

Craig has bulging eyes.

He does?

Will you cut with the wide eyes bit?

Craig is also a very good singer.

Who do you get all this about Craig from?

Another old friend of his from Peoria, Dean Samreyser.

That’s Ramseyer!

That’s all right brothers, I’m used to it.

How does he get in on this?

He works for D.A. Hoerr and sons.

So, as time went by, Craig made his usual visits to Peoria. He became pretty well known to the young group. Of course, he was a member for some time before Jenny was converted, but that doesn’t mean that Craig and Jenny didn’t get to know each other.

Did Jenny save Craig a seat on the van?

No, they never went to Princeville with the other young members. Craing, I mean Craig is a better planner.

Just like hsi buddy, Dean Hamrider.

That’s Ramseyer!

Craig’s been on the boat ride.

Does that have anything with meeting Jenny?

With 300 other kids on the boat? How could they meet?

You have a brother, he stands at the front of the boat and he shakes hands with everybody as they come aboard.

Jenny’s a sweet girl, she’s always got a big smile and she seems younger than she is. I mean it’s hard to believe she’s almost out of high school.

Si anyway, Jenny and Craig got to know each other better. They did it by going to singings, on choir trips, young group trips and by Craig visiting Peoria once in a while.

Craig and Jenny became closer as time went by. He eventually took his proposal to the elder at Bay City, who relayed it to Roy. Roy gave the proposal to Jenny. After praying about it, Jenny accepted. The wedding is set for Nov. 8.

When were they announced?

Well, it was on June 7, while the rest of the young group was in Lexington, Ky.

There wasn’t any horsing around, was there?

No, but we did see a lot of hay.

Did I tell you about some of the bad influences on Craig?

Like what?

Jack Hoerr. I mean, he’s taught a lot of crazy things to Craig.

Like what? They’re saying wait until the blackout page.

I’ll tell you then.

We come to the end of another Joos Roast. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my craziness tonight. Jenny, we’ll miss you, so think about down here in Peoria if you ever feel down. Craig, you’ve got one of the good ones. You don’t have to quit coming down now that you’re married and hey, when you two start having kids, the Lord willing, they’ll all have wide eyes. May God bless your new Christian home and may He be with you when you feel lonely for Peoria, Jenny. So, good night.

Did you hear about Craig and Jenny?

I know nothing about it, I was in Indianapolis trying to win a foot race in a parking lot and keep my pants up.

Craig, Craig, what do you want?


You taught him well, Jack. You taught him well.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Joos Roast Poll. Tonight, we are asking the pertinent question “Do you like Jenny Waibel?

Our results are as follows based on question asked of 100 members and friends of the Apostolic Christian Churches of Peoria, IL, and Bay city, MI:

Yes                                                   13%

We love her as a sister                  63%

We love her as family                    16%

No comment                                    3%

Boy, that’s a loaded question       4%

Yeah boy!                                          1%

Here are some answers with quotes-

Margie Webber (that’s Mar-gie Webb-AH): OOH, OOH, JENNY’S A REAL NICE GIRL!

Thanks, Margie.

Sidney, er, ah, Cindy Plattner: Oh, she’s neat!

Valerie Hess: I love her, I love her.

Johnny Brewer: Could you repeat the question?

That’s “Do you like Jenny Waibel? ,” not “Do you LIKE Jenny Waibel?”

Jack Hoerr: She’s my sister-in-law, but you’ve got to watch this guy.

Dean Syrammer: Jenny’s all right, just ask Craig (he thinks she’s super).

Craig Weiland: Yeah Boy!

Karen Waibel: She hardly Getz to me.

We understand that Karen Waibel helped another respondent change his answer from “no comment” to “We love her as family.”

Weekend in Bay City*


Las night, I waived good-bye,


Now it seems years.


I’m back in Peoria,


whhere nothing is clear.


The thoughts of you, led to me


bring us near and tell me


When will our eyes meet?


When can I greet you?


When willthis strong feeling end?


And when will I see you again?


Tine ub Bay City took me away,


to Lake Huron’s beaches


and you in the way.


We started a story which now must begin


(Repeat chorus)



I feel a change coming,


I feel the wind blow,


I feel the Lord’s leading,


I feel richly blessed.


He’s brought us together


with His wonderus grace


From here until Heaven


things won’t be that bad


(Repeat chorus. * Sing to the tune of “Weekend in New England”)

Now we explain why we dedicated this to whom we dedicated it to.


First, we’d like to thank some people for their aid.

We’d like to thank Johnny Brewer providing the poll question.

You like spreading the blame around, don’t you?

And we’d like to thank Dean Samriser for helping us research Craig’s birthday.

Dean Samriser?

Dean Hamrider?


Okay, okay, it’s Ramcharger.


What do you mean, this isn’t funny? Look at Jenny’s brothers. They think it’s hilarious. Look at Jack and Jody, they think it’s a riot. Ryesammer thinks it’s funny.

His name is Ramseyer.

Nice house your folks have, Jenny. I think I’ll go upstairs. Don’t use that stairway. Go up through the fireplace.

Dean Ramseyer.

You got the dedication right.


Why is Jack a bad influence on Craig?

Well, since they’ve been running around together, Craig has been saying things like “yeah boy!” and says that if he’s blessed with sons, they’re both going to be truck drivers.

Craig has also been telling nervous brothers in Bay City to relax.

You know, “relaxxxxxxx!”

Yeah boy.

Craig used to greet one brother from the highway at church.


A-HA-HA! I got you first!

What do you want Craig?


Did you see those eyes light up?

He does that all the time.


Hey, whoa, hold it, hold it.

Well Jenny, I’ve made your brothers laugh again.

Yeah and no Howard Cosell.

Howard Cosell?


That’s all right. We don’t need a sample.

Look at the bright side, Bill. One more and you get your coach back.

You were saying, sir.

Look, just because the Waibel’s house looks like a Southern mansion, that’s now a reason to talk like a Southern colonel.

Col. Sanders?

That’s where I was when I heard about the announcement.

Kentucky Fried Chicken?

You’re getting ahead of yourself.




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