A Trio of Teen Tragedies



Sometimes the songs of youthful heart break

Extend to the unthinkable.

Strange how we remember them,

the vynl tragedies of the fourth grade.


Oh where, oh where can my baby be?

My first experience with

The Last Kiss came while

riding in my parents’ car

to pick my sister from ushering

on Girl Scout night at the Players’ community theater.


What other sadness and shock

from the singer’s shattered life

was lost to us as we sang along,

Though my mother thought it a gruesome thing.


The opera star had A Secret,

He was the leader of the pack.

A girl group in chiffon at the end

came on and he came out like the Wild One.


Opera and rock end in

tragedies and so it was here,

Look out! Look out! Look out!

The leader staggered out, his arm in a sling.


Dickie Lee’s date with Laurie

Made me cry, but I didn’t want

to tell anyone such a sad tale

of dancing with a ghost would do that.

Strange things happen in this world.


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